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AV 1000
The West End Video Newsletter


Number: AV 100,WEVN. D.0001 [videodisks] AV100.WEVN. M.001 [Master Tapes]
Title: The West End Video Newsletter
Creator: Producers: Raymond Papa, Jim Campano
Hosts/Editors: Jim Campano, Joe Lo Piccolo
Dates: 1988-2006
Media: VHS Master tapes and DVDs
Quantity: 195 shows numbered 1-195 * [*originally the master tape for show 63 was overlooked and then later number 62a and there was no show numbered 74. In cataloging, this has been rectified with shows running from 62-74]


Since March 1985, Jim Campano, one of the founders of the West End Museum has published and edited The West Ender, also known colloquially as The West End Newsletter, a publication in newspaper format which seeks to maintain contacts among residents of the West End of Boston dispersed in the diaspora of urban renewal in the late 1950s. The paper continues to go out quarterly. However, in 1986, 1992, 1994, and 2009, special issues were published in addition to the regular four. In September 1988, with the help of Raymond Papa, Jim and his assistant editor, Jo Lo Piccolo, began a complementary television show, The West End Video Newsletter. This featured both the histories of people who lived and worked in neighborhood before, during and after the West End urban renewal project, but also current news concerning the West End, such as the Lowell Square project of the 1990s. It also highlighted continuing organizations with roots in the West End, such as the West End House Boys’ and Girls’ Club in Alston-Brighton and the Elizabeth Peabody Settlement House in Somerville. The hosts of the program were Joe Lo Piccolo and Jim Campano individually or together. Their guests were not only the residents described above but also authors, columnists, and politicians, who knew the West End and could comment succinctly on its history. The show was produced in the studios of Somerville Community Access Television and was aired on local network television. Joe Fortunato was a videographer for part of this series, and he transcribed the collection from the master VHS tapes onto 195 videodisks, providing easy access to the information to researchers.


The collection consists of 120 master VHS videotapes, which contain the recording of 195 West End Video Newsletter shows produced between 1988 and 2006. The individual shows on the tapes were transcribed onto 195 videodisks, one show per disk.


The West End Video Newsletter videodisks are numbered sequentially by show and thus by date, if one was recorded. The VHS tapes are also numbered sequentially by the shows they contain and the date if known.


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Property Rights: The West End Museum owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Jim Campano has not dedicated such copyrights, as he possesses in this collection to the public. Joe Fortunato has not dedicated such copyrights, as he possesses in this collection to the public. Consideration of all other copyrights is the responsibility of the author and publisher.

Note to Researchers: To request materials please note show number and catalog number in the list below

Series I: VHS Master Tapes. 120 master tapes contain the 195 shows. Each show has been transcribed to a digital videodisk. The master tapes are reserved by the Museum to make copies on disks as necessary. Each show is cross-referenced in the inventory to both the master tape collection and the videodisk collection.

Series II: Digital Video Disks. 195 videodisks sequentially numbered contain the West End Video Newsletter. These are available to researchers for study.

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