West End Museum
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Collection Number: AV0001
Collection Title: The West End Video Newsletter
Collection Dates: 1988-2006

Show 1 9/19/1998 Jim Campano Raymond Papa, Producer WEVN
Vincent "Sonny" LoPresti
Introducing West End Video Newsletter
Advertize 1988 West End Reunion
1987 West End Reunion at Wonderland 0:29:30 AV0001.WEVN.D.0001 AV0001.WEVN.M.001.S001 AV0001.WEVN.L.001.S001
Show 2 10/17/1988 Jim Campano Alan Lupo
Boston Globe Columnist
Raymond Papa, Producer WEVN
Book Author: Liberty's Chosen
West End Relevance
show dedicated to Charlie Papa
Barkeep on Leverett Street
0:29:30 AV0001.WEVN.D.0002 AV0001.WEVN.M.002.S002 AV0001.WEVN.L.001.S002
Show 3 1/00/1989 Jim Campano Joe Lo Piccolo West End Primer
Urban renewal Project
West End Historical Committee
Oral Histories Introduction
What I Miss About the Old West End
West End Oral History clips of
Frank Levine, David Schwatzman,
Nellie Jackman, George Leary, Joe Caruso
0:28:56 AV0001.WEVN.D.0003 AV0001.WEVN.M.003.S003 AV0001.WEVN.L.003.S003
Show 4 2/28/1989 Joe Lo Piccolo Elizabeth Peabody House
Suzanne Palma, Director
James Campano, Chairman
Peabody House Alumni Assn.
Elizabeth Peabody House
West End
0:29:21 AV0001.WEVN.D.0004 AV0001.WEVN.M.004.S004 AV0001.WEVN.L.004.S004
Show 5 4/13/1989 Joe Lo Piccolo David Kruh
Author, Historian
Scollay Square
Book: Always Something Happening
Old Scollay Square
David Kruh appearing on Boston TV
Channel 7 : "Talk of the Town"
0:31:45 AV0001.WEVN.D.0005 AV0001.WEVN.M.005.S005 AV0001.WEVN.L.005.S005
Show 6 6/5/1989 Joe Lo Piccolo Bill Margolin, Executive Director
West End House
Hy Escott, Board of Directors
West End House Alumni
History and Current Activities
West End House - Boys' & Girls' Club
Alston, Massachusetts
Activities at West End House, Alston
Hy Diamond and Alumni Members
0:29:06 AV0001.WEVN.D.0006 AV0001.WEVN.M.006.S006 AV0001.WEVN.L.006.S006
Show 7 9/11/1989 Joe Lo Piccolo Frank Lavine
Johnny Sanfelipe
Arthur "Archie" Spiros Athanos
members, Community Boating
The West End Boathouse
Community Boating Club
Charles River Esplanade
Charles River, History of Community
Boating - original site, flood of 1906
Joe Lee, founder
Metropolitan District Commission
Timmy Mahony, Johnny Sanfelipe
0:29:40 AV0001.WEVN.D.0007 AV0001.WEVN.M.007.S007 AV0001.WEVN.L.007.S007
Show 8 10/16/1989 Joe Lo Piccolo Tony Oddo, Author

Raymond Papa
Jim Campano
Book - fictionalized history of West End
If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now
Memories of the Old West End
Thanks to Raymond Papa
Retiring Publisher of West Ender
0:31:38 AV0001.WEVN.D.0008 AV0001.WEVN.M.008.S008 AV0001.WEVN.L.008.S008
Show 9 11/2/1989 Joe Lo Piccolo Bob Obrien, Executive Director
Downtown North Association
and North End Union
Jerry Pucillo: Urban Planning Office
Arhgdiocese of Boston
Lewis Muhlfelder
Bergmeyer Associates
Jim Campano
West End Historical Association
Central Artery Neighborhood -
Development Options = Can-Do Alliance
Central Artery
Big Dig
0:30:53 AV0001.WEVN.D.0009 AV0001.WEVN.M.009.S009 AV0001.WEVN.L.009.S009
Show 10 12/6/1989 Joe Lo Piccolo Paula Posnick, Librarian
West End Library, Adult Services
David Robbins, Suffolk University
Philip Bergen, Librarian
Bostonian Society
West End Historical Association
Bostonian Society
Oral History Project
West End Memories
Oral histories by Nellie Jackman and others
old West Enders
0:30:26 AV0001.WEVN.D.0010 AV0001.WEVN.M.010.S010 AV0001.WEVN.L.010.S010
Show 11 1/00/90 Jim Campano Destruction of the West End
Reactions of Residents
Lost Neighborhood
American Broadcasting Company
Television Film - 1962
Sponsor: Bell and Howell
0:26:18 AV0001.WEVN.D.0011 AV0001.WEVN.M.011.S011 AV0001.WEVN.L.011.S011
Show 13 3/00/1990 Jim Campano
Joe Lo Piccolo
Peter Lucas
Boston Herald Politiical Columnist
West End Roots
73 Poplar Street
Jerome Rappaport
1962 Documentary on West End
Gabe Kaplan, Banker calls the West End
"a Cancer on the Community"
Erich Lindemann, Psychiatrist
companionship vs bad housing
Edward Ryan, anthropologist
0:30:08 AV0001.WEVN.D.0013 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.013.S013
Show 14 4/23/1990 Joe Lo Piccolo Bill Margolin, Executive Director
Michael Lesburg, President
West End House Alumni Assn.
West End House
History and Current Activities
Gymnasium at West End House
West End House vs. Alston/Brighton YMCA
Swimming Pool, Meeting rooms
trophy presentations
0:28:45 AV0001.WEVN.D.0014 AV0001.WEVN.M.014.S014 AV0001.WEVN.L.014.S014
Show 15 5/29/1990 Joe Lo Piccolo Suzanne Palma, Executive Director
Program Directors:
Julie Yeh, Social Services
Kate Roper, Teacher Training
Lorin Johnsen, Child Care Services
Sydney Storey, Director Drama
Elizabeth Peabody House
Broadway, Somerville, Ma
1896 in West End
1958 in Somerville
Centennial forthcoming
current activities: day care, cooking,
pre-school program, drama
Camp Gannet in Sharon, Massachusetts
0:28:39 AV0001.WEVN.D.0015 AV0001.WEVN.M.015.S015 AV0001.WEVN.L.015.S015
Show 16 6/21/1990 Joe Lo Piccolo Alan Lupo, Boston Globe Columnist Threats to Neighborhoods
Jerome Rappaprt
Chester Hartman letter, Jewish Advocate
Vilna Shul
Picketing at award cermonies for J Rappaport
given by American Jewish Committee
Jim Campano, on site interview
Frank Lavine
0:31:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0016 AV0001.WEVN.M.016.S016 AV0001.WEVN.L.016.S016
Show 17 9/24/1990 Joe Lo Piccolo Reverend Gerald L. Bucke
Pastor, St. Joseph's Church
St Joseph's Church and School Exterior and Interior of St. Joseph's Church 0:26:20 AV0001.WEVN.D.0017 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.017.S017
Show 18 10/13/1990 Joe Lo Piccolo Carolyn Hughes, Education Director
Jim Campano
Bostonian Society
Creation of the Last Tenement Exhibition
Dr. Catherine Neustadt, Oral History
Dr. Mark Fried, Psychologist
West End Branch Library
8 mm. Home Movies of the West End
from 1957-58 from Edward Niland Family
See catalog under Niland for original footage
0:29:36 AV0001.WEVN.D.0018 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.018.S018
Show 19 11/27/1990 Joe Lo Piccolo
Jim Campano
Peter Dreier, Director of Housing
Boston Redevelopment Authority
Jerry Pucillo, Director of Housing
Development, Archdiocese Boston
Affordable Housing Project: Lowell Square West End Picnic on Lowell Square parcel
celebrating forthcoming Lowell Sq. Project
0:30:05 AV0001.WEVN.D.0019 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.019.S019
Show 20 12/00/90 Joe Lo Piccolo Karol Kostka
William "Billy" Stone
West End Memories
Joe Lee
Still Pictures - Drama "The Mikado" 0:30:07 AV0001.WEVN.D.0020 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.020.S020
Show 21 4/3/1991 Joe Lo Piccolo Anna Kay Stevenson Grant
Keith Ross
Black Life in the Old West End
Wesley "Pineapple" Stevenson
Tape from Afro-American Meeting House
Maurice Nobel, Jr.
0:30:31 AV0001.WEVN.D.0021 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.021.S021
Show 22 5/00/91 Joe Lo Piccolo David Glater - President
Vilna Center for Jewish Heritage
Vilna Shul Exterior and Interior of Vilna Shul 0:30:46 AV0001.WEVN.D.0022 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.022.S022
Show 23 6/5/1991 Joe Lo Piccolo Bill Margolin, Executive Director
Mike Bourg, Program Director
West End House - Boys' and Grils" Club
New Programs
8th5 anniversary dinner announcement
West End House Camp, Maine
West End House Camp Alumni Week
0:29:15 AV0001.WEVN.D.0023 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.023.S023
Show 24 7/00/1991 Joe Lo Piccolo Jim Campano, Editor, The West Ender The West Ender Newspaper
West End Newsletter
Tony Oddo and Fred Alper
Old West End Horse Trough
at Causeway Street decicated to
Meyer Abrams, horse dealer
Marjorie Alper
0:27:50 AV0001.WEVN.D.0024 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.024.S024
Show 25 9/00/1991 Joe Lo Piccolo Paul Mondello

Ben Brenner, The Brenner Brothers
Anthony Mondello, founder of
"The Old Time West Enders"
Newsletter - West End Bugle
Russian Make way for Ducklings"\
Charles Doherty, James Clark
Brenner Club
Program from 3rd & 6th annual Get-Together
Logo of the "Old Westenders"
Golden Rule of Old Westenders

Tape of Leonard Nimoy
0:30:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0025 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.025.S025
Show 26 10/2/1991 Joe Lo Piccolo Joe Russo, jr. Old Time Politics in the West End
Joseph Russo - City Councillor
Attorney j.A. Polcari
"Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald - 1939
Political flyer Joseph Russo [father] 1939
Syrians and Lebanese/Italo-American
0:29:58 AV0001.WEVN.D.0026 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.026.S026
Show 27 11/00/1991 Joe Lo Piccollo Jerry Pucillo, Archidiocese of Boston -
Urban Planning Office
Jim Campano, Sam Bellistri
Don Zerendow
Housing for Old West Enders

Old West End Housing Corporation
Lowell Square Parcel and Project
0:30:15 AV0001.WEVN.D.0027 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.027.S027
Show 28 12/4/1991 Joe Lo Piccollo Matthew "Matty" Hughes Charles River Cruises
Boston Harbor Cruises
Oldest License Captain on East Coast
50th Anniversary of Community Boating
Joseph "Joe" Lee, Jr.
Capt. Matthew Hughes
John Sanfilippo
Joseph lee, Sr. "Father of American Playgrounds"
West End Politics - Martin Lomasney
0:29:40 AV0001.WEVN.D.0028 AV0001.WEVN.M.028.S028 AV0001.WEVN.L.080.S028
Show 29 1/8/1992 Joe Lo Piccollo James Campano, President
West Historical Association
Frank Lavine, Retired Librarian
West End Library, Medford Library
People and Places of the Old West End 0:30:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0029 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.029.S029
Show 30 2/00/1992 Joe Lo Piccollo Professor Mark Fried, Author
Dept.of Psychology, Boston College
The World of the Urban Working Class
West End History
0:30:23 AV0001.WEVN.D.0030 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.030.S030
Show 31 3/00/1992 Joe Lo Piccolo Sarah James, Sarah James Associates
Christine Dunn, Dunn Associates
Michael Liu, Architectural Planner
Lowell Square Development Team
discusses project
Old West End Housing Corporation
Affordable Housing
Elevations and Plans of 150 Standiford Street 0:31:25 AV0001.WEVN.D.0031 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.031.S031
Show 32 4/1/1992 Joe Lo Piccolo Gerry Manning, Associate Professor
Suffolk Univ. Dept of Sociology
Yedira Berigen, Suffolk student
Chris Suffolk Student
Trish Skorupka, Student-National Park
Tour Guide
West End Oral History Project
Livable Communities
Visiting Students from Netherlands
West End = Best Example of Bad Planning
Videos of Students interviews
West End Oral History Project
Eleanor Spinale Venetia
Gladys Shapiro
0:30:45 AV0001.WEVN.D.0032 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.032.S032
Show 33 5/00/1992 Joe Lo Piccolo Robert Travaglini, Boston City Councillor East Boston
District Representation
District 9
Central Artery Project - Big Dig
Mitigation aspects
Jim Campano and Joe Lo Picollo
walking in West End mention of old stores and
businesses and Lowell Square Project
Old West End Housing Corporation
0:30:12 AV0001.WEVN.D.0033 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.033.S033
Show 34 6/3/1992 Joe Lo Piccolo Bill Margolin, Executive Director
Mike Cataldo, Board of Directors
Nhatha Dinh - Student Member
Westinghouse Youth of the Year
West End House - Boys' and Girls' Club
Reminiscences of Old West End
West End House Alumni Corporation
West End House Camp Corporation
still of 1938 West End House Armstrong Club
Bud Greenberg, Moe Isaacson, Pat Filino,
Rusty Bova, Jabber Jackwards, Joe Smith,
Tony Piate, Albert Neeley
Video of Leonard Nimoy attending
West End House 85th Anniversary Dinner
Michael Berger, Leonard Nimoy Speech
0:30:02 AV0001.WEVN.D.0034 AV0001.WEVN.M.034.S034 AV0001.WEVN.L.034.S034
Show 35 9/2/1992 Joe Lo Piccolo Vincet "Sonny" Lopresti
Governor's Council Candidate
Old Time Polictics
Memories of the West End
Camp Gannet Reunion
Jimmy Esposito, Winifred McNeil
Paula Love Bordun, "Uncle Jim" Camp Manager
and others not identified
Al Tabachnik - "Al T" - street person
0:31:20 AV0001.WEVN.D.0035 AV0001.WEVN.M.035.S035 AV0001.WEVN.L.035.S035
Show 36 10/7/1992 Joe Lo Piccolo Professor Thomas O'Connor
Dept of History, Boston College
Author, Boston History and
Urban Development
Contemporary Boston History
South Boston, Boston Neighborhoods
in the 1930 and 1940
The Last Tenement Exhibit
Bostonian Society - Old State House
Old Houses in North End - 1925
Rundown Back Yard in Older Parts of Boston
Boston Waterfront - 1935
John Hynes
New York Streets Demolition
West End Demolition
Thomas O'Connor
Boston College Magazine "West End Blues"
The Last Tenement
0:29:35 AV0001.WEVN.D.0036 AV0001.WEVN.M.036.S036 AV0001.WEVN.L.036.S036
Show 37 11/4/1992 Joe Lo Piccolo Pat Libby, Executive Director
Massachusetts Association of
Community Development Corporations
Marie Testa, Richard Morello
Old West End Housing Corporation
Community Development Corporations
Affordable Housing

New and Old in the West End
More than Bricks and Mortar
Community Development in the South Bronx
Impetus for Opportunity
Community Development in the North Adams,MA
0:30:48 AV0001.WEVN.D.0037 AV0001.WEVN.M.037.S037 AV0001.WEVN.L.036.S037
Show 38 12/2/1992 Joe Lo Piccolo Alan Lupo, Boston Globe Columnist Jewish Immigrants to Boston
Vilna Shul
Video of Historic Jewish Immigration to Boston
Vilna Shul: a Tribute and a Legacy
0:31:41 AV0001.WEVN.D.0038 AV0001.WEVN.M.038.S038 AV0001.WEVN.L.038.S038
Show 39 1/6/1993 Joe Lo Piccolo Carol Downs, Free Lance Writer
West End Waterfront News
James Campano, Editor and activist
West End Newsletter
Explanation of the Premise of the
West End Video Newsletter
Remiscences on eviction, suffering
Against Affordable Housing:
Jerome Rappaport, North End Union
Peter Brown, Peter Elliott Co.
Peter Steffian, Steffian Bardley Corp
Joepsh Tuzzuolo, Braman Dow Co.
Roger Weintraub, Mass. Gas & Electric
West End Picnic on Lowell Square Site
also shown on show 19 - 11/27/1990
0:30:30 AV0001.WEVN.D.0039 AV0001.WEVN.M.039.S039 AV0001.WEVN.L.039.S039
Show 40 2/3/1993 Joe Lo Piccolo Peter Gelzenis, Boston Herald Columnist Boston Neighborhoods and the West End Still of West End from Herald in 1959
Video of West Ender Boston Harbor Cruise 1992
0:32:33 AV0001.WEVN.D.0040 AV0001.WEVN.M.040.S040 AV0001.WEVN.L.040.S040
Show 41 3/3/1993 Joe Lo Piccolo Robert Campbell: Boston Globe
Architectural Critic
Author: Cityscapes Boston
Changing Boston Cityscapes
Commentary on Government Center
West End, Downtown Boston
Stills from Citiscapes Boston
Scollay Square <=> New City Hall
Old Scollay Square subway station entrances
Rowes Wharf <=> Boston Harbor Hotel
Old State House 19 century <=> 1990
West End Demolished <=> Gov't Service Center
Map of Boston filled in land
aerial photo downtown Boston 1864 <=>
aerial photo downtown Boston 1990
Paul Revere House - tobacco factory 1905 <=>
Paul Revere House as reconstructed
0:34:57 AV0001.WEVN.D.0041 AV0001.WEVN.M.041.S041 AV0001.WEVN.L.041.S041
Show 42 4/7/1993 Joe Lo Piccolo Ray Harris, Drapery Design, Malden
Dolores Cogiuliano, Travel Agent, Melrose
Johnny Russo, Awards Unlimited, Somerville
The West Ender
Reminiscences of the Old West End
Dr. Mark Fried appearing at West End Library
Impact of displacement on Old West Ender
video by Jim Campano
0:31:40 AV0001.WEVN.D.0042 AV0001.WEVN.M.042.S042 AV0001.WEVN.L.042.S042
Show 43 5/5/1993 Joe Lo Piccolo Bill Margolin, Executive Director
Bert Wynn, Past President, WEH Alumni
Esther Wynn
Larry Gilligan, West End House Alumnus
West End House, Boy's and Girls' Club
Current Facilities and Programs
Sports Radio WEEI - Eddie Andelman and
association with the West End House
David Andelman - West End House and Camp
1956 Boston Post Cartoon 50th anniversary WEH
founders and influential persons
0:33:18 AV0001.WEVN.D.0043 AV0001.WEVN.M.043.S043 AV0001.WEVN.L.043.S043
Show 44 6/00/1993 Jim Campano Tony Longo, Premier Athlete
Tony Livuolo, Boston English Athlete
Sports in the Old West End
Street Sports, High School Sports
West End House, Lynch Club
Frank Marinella, Coach
Jack Reznick, Legend
Still of basketball team, JV team 1954
1957, 2 Pictures Tony Longo, Army -Fort Bragg, NC
Stills - Al Tabachnik, Leverett Street, 5 & 10, Cory's
Kids on Leverett St, Spring Street,Chamber Street,
Raymond Papa's café, Green St.,
Photo's by Herbert Gans
West End Reunion Invitation, 10/10/1993
0:30:46 AV0001.WEVN.D.0044 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.044.S044
Show 45 7/7/1993 Joe Lo Piccolo Paul Barrett, Director, B.R.A. Boston Redevelopment Authority
Mayor Ray Flynn
Boston Housing Authority
New Proeject for Boston Garden
Unfished concfete vs. brick
Lowell Square Project Update
West End Museum
Aerial photo of Boston Garden 1930
Bulfinch Triangle 1930
Madison Hotel in Construction
Film by Boston Neighborhood Network News:
West End Yesterday & Today
Joe Lo Piccolo, Jerome Rappaport, Jim Campano
Dr. Mark Fried, Psychologist
0:31:40 AV0001.WEVN.D.0045 AV0001.WEVN.M.045.S045 AV0001.WEVN.L.045.S045
Show 46 8/4/1993 Joe Lo Piccolo Dominic Piso, North End Activist
Candidate, Boston City Council
District Concerns Still Phetos: Temple on Chambers Strret
Leverett Street, and other unindentified streets
Old Atlantic Avenue
0:30:54 AV0001.WEVN.D.0046 AV0001.WEVN.M.046.S046 AV0001.WEVN.L.046.S046
Show 47 9/1/1993 Jim Campano Joe Messina
Marie Testa
Vincent "Sonny" Lopresti
West End Reunion Committee
West End Reunions at the
Wonderland Ballroom
Renewing Old Friendships
Sonny Downy, Franny Downy [singer]
Advertisement for 1993 Reunion
West End Reunions - 1986, 1987 0:29:19 AV0001.WEVN.D.0047 AV0001.WEVN.M.047.S047 AV0001.WEVN.L.047.S047
Show 48 10/00/1993 Joe Lo Piccolo Herbert Gans
Author: The Urban Village
Bostonian Society Exhibition:
Background of The Urban Village
Herbert Gans Reminiscences
Dr. Mark Fried
The Last Tenement
Show videotaped at the Old State House
on the occasion of a lecture by Herbert Gans
Michael Scheff, son of Barney Scheff
George Rita , Virginia, Joe Smith
Alberta Raymond, Joe Morello, Jim Morello
Jenny Colantonio, Sarah Connor,
Al "the Barber" Connor, Kathy, Laurie, Joanne Dima
Vicki and Louise Metro, Marion Romanco Millman
Anna Romanco White, Catherine Romanco Cinik
David Rosenberg
0:30:32 AV0001.WEVN.D.0048 AV0001.WEVN.M.048.S048 AV0001.WEVN.L.048.S048
Show 49 10/6/1993 Joe Lo Piccolo Tom Birmingham, Mass. State Senator
Chair, Ways and Means Committee
Local Politics
Lowell Square Project
January 24, 1989, Panel Discussion - Politics
Joseph A. Russo, Nellie McGrath Jackman
George Leary - Ward 3 Politics
reference to Joseph Russo, Sr.
Martin Lomasney
0:30:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0049 AV0001.WEVN.M.049.S049 AV0001.WEVN.L.049.S049
Show 51 12/1/1993 Joe Lo Piccolo Susan Park, South End
Margaret Flagg, West Roxbury
Robert O'Connell, Alston-Brighton
Local Historical Societies
Bostonian Society
Westerly Times [WRHS Newsletter]
Growing up in West Roxbury in the 1950's
Founding of Alston-Brighton, Farms-Cattle
History of South End
Urban Renewal in the South End
National Register of Historic Places
Preview of Washington St. Exhibit
Still of Bellevue Hill `9th century - West Roxbury
Joseph Breck & Sons, Seed Merchant Brighton
Cattle Fair Hotel, Brighton, Swift & Co,
1830 horse and sleigh races on the Bbrighton Road
Demolition of Holton Library 1968
Video- Conference of Local Historical Assocations
hosted by the Bostonian Society
Worcester Square 1850, Tremont St. 1850
Union park today
0:32:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0051 AV0001.WEVN.M.051.S051 AV0001.WEVN.L.051.S051
Show 52 1/5/1994 MISSING Guy and Frank Consolo MISSING MISSING AV0001.WEVN.M.052.S052 AV0001.WEVN.L.052.S052
Show 53 2/2/1994 MISSING MISSING Frendship MISSING AV0001.WEVN.M.053.S053 AV0001.WEVN.L.053.S053
Show 54 3/2/1994 Joe Lo Piccolo Joe Carroll, Executive Director
Old West End Housing Corporation
Joan Smith, Consultant, Family Relocation
Boston Redevelopment Authority
Old Stores on Spring Street
10th Anniversary, The West Ender
Housing for Former West Enders
Old West End Housing Corporation
Lowell Square Development
Backdrop - Spring Street
Video of Interview with jane Jacobs, Author
Stills of Picketing West End Library 1950's
Allen St., Jim Campano's home,
Billerica St., Barton St., Chambers St.
Causeway St.
0:31:45 AV0001.WEVN.D.0054 AV0001.WEVN.M.054.S054 AV0001.WEVN.L.054.S054
Show 55 4/6/1994 Joe Lo Piccolo Sal Di Masi, State Representative The West Ender,"People and Places"
Letters from near and far
Sal Di Masi lived on Ashland St.
Kathy Di Masi lived on Lime Street
Video of Bessie Rosenbeg's 100th birthday
Hy Rosenberg, Ethel Rosenberg
Boston City Councillor, Diane Modica
reads Resolution of the City Council,
Proclamation of Mayor Tom Menino
0:30:25 AV0001.WEVN.D.0055 AV0001.WEVN.M.055.S055 AV0001.WEVN.L.055.S055
Show 56 5/00/1994 Joe Lo Piccolo Howard Mansfield, Author
In the Memory House
Cosmopolis, Yesterday's City of the Future
Reads from West End Chapter
togetherness as a community
inspired by The West Ender
How we remember our history
West End Camp and Reunions
Video of Steven Andre, musical composition
and dance about the West End,Living in Harmony
3 movements: Tabachnik, Homelessness, Traffic Jam
0:32:34 AV0001.WEVN.D.0056 AV0001.WEVN.M.056.S056 AV0001.WEVN.L.056.S056
Show 57 6/00/1994 Joe Lo Piccolo Bill Margolin, Executive Director
Hy Escott, WEH Alumni Association
West End House, Boys' and Girls' Club
West End House Camp in Maine
Camp Reunions in August
Modernized Camp Facilities
Video of 64th West End House Alumni Dinner, 11/93
Saul Brenner, Chris George, Gene Politire
Billy Stone, Tony Livuolo, Larry Gilligan, Sam Perry
Eddy Tobin, Johnny Clifford, Richard Arshery
Ralph Sanasuaso, Sean Jackman, Nate pratt
Alec Alexander, Morris Prezniak [Goldstein]
Still photo of Edwards Club 1930-31 - Hy Escott
Photo of Storrow Club, 1941-42
0:30:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0057 AV0001.WEVN.M.057.S057 AV0001.WEVN.L.057.S057
Show 58 7/7/1994 Joe Lo Piccolo Jim Campano, Editor
Rich Morello, Publisher
The West Ender - Tenth Anniversary
Raymond Papa
Stills from Camp Gannett Reunions
Mercury Club 1943
Video: Reverend Gerald L. Bucke, St Joseph's
50th Anniversary of Ordination, Marriott Boston
0:33:25 AV0001.WEVN.D.0058 AV0001.WEVN.M.058.S058 AV0001.WEVN.L.0583.S058
Show 59 8/00/1994 Joe Lo Piccolo Proclamation by Mayor Menino
on the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary
of The West Ender Print Edition
Introduction of the TV Documentary
The Lost Neighborhood
Rerun of The Lost Neighborhood
Documentary by ABC televesion
0:30:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0059 AV0001.WEVN.M.059.S059 AV0001.WEVN.L.059.S059
Show 60 9/8/1994 Joe Lo Piccolo Fred Langone, former Boston City Councillor Reminiscences of the Old West End
People and Stores
Financial Bail Out in 1950's
Mayor Hynes - Urban Renewal
Fred Langone, Author
The North End: Where It All Began
Immigants in Boston
Video Interview of Joe Malone, candidate for
State Treasurer, at Mike's Restaurant
Invitation to ground breaking of Lowell Sq. Proj.
0:29:28 AV0001.WEVN.D.0060 AV0001.WEVN.M.060.S060 AV0001.WEVN.L.060.S060
Show 61 10/5/1994 Joe Lo Piccolo Board of Directors
Old West End Housing Corporation
Paul Campano, Zina Venezia,
Hon. Frank Privitera, Rich Morello
Jim Campano, President OWEHG
Bob Keene: Development team
Lowell Square Associates
"Coming Home" to West End Place
October 14. 1994 Groundbreaking
Lowell Square Project
Showcase the Guests
0:31:13 AV0001.WEVN.D.0061 AV0001.WEVN.M.061.S061 AV0001.WEVN.L.061.S061
Show 62 11/00/1994 Joe Lo Piccolo Diane Modica, Boston City Councillor
District 1
Old West End Housing Corp. Project
West End on the Freedom Trail
Video of the Ground Breaking of
David Boeri, WCVB - Channel 5 TV Boston
0:30:02 AV0001.WEVN.D.0062 AV0001.WEVN.M.062.S062 AV0001.WEVN.L.062.S062
Show 63* 12/00/1994 Joe Lo Piccolo Dominic Paul, Dominic's Restaurant
Richie Settipane, Pubic Insurance Adjusters
Two West End Characters Video of Groundbreaking - OWEHA
Jim Campano addressing attendees
Joe Lo Piccolo
0:30:45 AV0001.WEVN.D.0063 AV0001.WEVN.M.063.S063 AV0001.WEVN.L.062.2062a
Show 64* 1/00/1995 Joe Lo Piccolo Ed Fitzgerald West End Politics - Martin Lomasney
Family Roots in the West End
Hendricks Club
Ward 8 - 1898 Poll Tax List
owned by Martin Lomasney
0:29:07 AV0001.WEVN.D.0064 AV0001.WEVN.M.064.S064 AV0001.WEVN.L.063.S063
Show 65* 2/1/1995 Joe Lo Piccolo Tony Capodilupo, West Ender
Producer, Nunsense {Musical}
Memories of Removal from the West End Aerial View of the West End - North End - 1930 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0065 AV0001.WEVN.M.065.S065 AV0001.WEVN.L.064.S064
Show 66* 3/00/1995 Joe Lo Piccolo Jim Campano A Friendship of Thirty Years
History of the Demolition
Video Tour of the Old West End
Films from 1950's
Streets, Taverns, early demolition
Godfried's Bakery
Stills of West End Politicians' election cards
West End House Teams 1950's
0:29:02 AV0001.WEVN.D.0066 AV0001.WEVN.M.066.S066 AV0001.WEVN.L.065.S065
Show 67* 4/5/1995 Joe Lo Piccolo Alan Pailet, Kevin McNamara
Hawthorne Place Trustees
Neighbors' Perspective on the
forthcoming Lowell Square Project
Video of Jim Campano, Joe LoPiccolo
at Harvard University Symposium on
the West End; Environmental Design
EDRA/Harvard Lecture on Urban Renewal
0:29:58 AV0001.WEVN.D.0067 AV0001.WEVN.M.067.S067 AV0001.WEVN.L.066.S066
Show 68* 5/3/1995 Joe Lo Piccolo Bill Margolin, Executive Director
Valerie May, Program Director
West End House - Boys' and Girls' Club
James Storrow
Current Programs - New Climbing Wall
West End House Camp Documentary Video
Abraham Reznik, History of 22 Boys at the WEH
0:28:42 AV0001.WEVN.D.0068 AV0001.WEVN.M.068.S068 AV0001.WEVN.L.067.S067
Show 69* 6/00/1995 Joe Lo Piccolo Atty. Bill Ferullo, North End Bus. Alliance
Ed O'Connell, Cambridge Attorney
West End Housing Supporter
Housing Issues - Promises Broken Stills from The West Ender
"Next Year Lowell Square"
"Betrayed Again" -
0:31:30 AV0001.WEVN.D.0069 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.068.S068
Show 70* 7/00/1995 Joe Lo Piccolo Pat Fiorello
Producer, Golden Memories
Memories of Old West End
Stores, Streets, Sports, Clubs
Joe Lee - Community Boating
Community Boating still
Norman Club Charter
0:23:23 AV0001.WEVN.D.0070 AV0001.WEVN.M.070.S070 AV0001.WEVN.L.069.S069
Show 71* 8/2/1995 Joe Lo Piccolo Jim Campano
Richie Nedd
West End Memories
Black Residents in the West End
Rules and Regualtions stymie the
Lowell Park Project
0:25:30 AV0001.WEVN.D.0071 AV0001.WEVN.M.071.S071 AV0001.WEVN.L.070.S070
Show 72* 9/00/1995 Joe Lo Piccolo Suzanne Palma, Executive Director
Ellen O'Brien, Chair, Board of Directors
Elizabeth Peabody House
Early Childhood Education
Theatrical Presentations then and now
Stills: Peabody House Dramas & Musicals 0:30:32 AV0001.WEVN.D.0072 AV0001.WEVN.M.072.S072 AV0001.WEVN.L.071.S071
Show 73* 10/4/1995 Joe Lo Piccolo Ed Insogna of Joe & Nemo's Grill Old Scollay Square
Joe & Nemo's 1909 onward
45 Bowdoin St. near State House
Famous customers
Old Howard Theater and Performers
Still: Old Scollay Square
Still: Joe & Nemo's original dining room
Original signs and Store Front
Old Menus and Prices
Still; Joe & Nemo's North Station 1920's
Still: Joe & Nemo's, Summer Street
Joe Marlino ["Joe"], Anthony Caloggero ["Nemo"]
Video: Channel 4 coverage of court case over
Lowell Square Project,Liz Walker, Joe Lo Piccolo,
Victoria Williams, Boston Fair Housing Comm.
Old Howard, Gipsy Rose Lee
0:30:31 AV0001.WEVN.D.0073 AV0001.WEVN.M.073.S073 AV0001.WEVN.L.072.S072
Show 74* 11/00/1995 Jim Campano Legal case over Lowell Square Project
St Joseph's Church - West End Mass
St Mary's Church, St. Dominic Augusta
the West End Feast
West End Museum "Brick" Fundraiser
Video: Joe Campano narrates
St. Joseph's Church - West End Mass
Video: Brookline Adult Education -
Joe Lo Piccolo on his Grandfather
Joe Lo Piccolo at the Somerville Theater
with Leonard Nimoy and others
0:30:03 AV0001.WEVN.D.0074 AV0001.WEVN.M.074.S074

*originally show 63 was numbered
62a and there was no show 74
numbered. This has been changed.
Show 75 12/6/1995 Jim Campano History of newsletter and the TV show
Raymond Papa
John Collins - Urban Renewal
Jim Campano attacks the B.R.A.
the West End Museum "Brick" Fund
100th anniversary Eliz. Peabody House
Video: Mayor Menino on john Collins
Jim Campano narrates over views of West End
Demolition to the Music of "Miss American Pie"
Video; Dr. Mark Fried Pref. Emeritus,Boston College
testifies at a hearing
Still:Somerville News: Frank Privitera
Eliz. Peabody House: 100th Committee
0:29:40 AV0001.WEVN.D.0075 AV0001.WEVN.M.075.S075 AV0001.WEVN.L.075.S075
Show 76 1/3/1996 Jim Campnao Attorney Thomas F. Corona
Former West Ender
Ice and Oil Men - the Corona Family
Bostonian Magazine
"The Rape of the West End: Whose
Personal Memories - family
Oral History
Still from Bostonian Magazine
John Corona delivering Ice
Video: Frank Privitera's 35th anniversary
Daughter introduces Frank, jr. and Phillip
Grandmother Josephine Privitera
0:31:31 AV0001.WEVN.D.0076 AV0001.WEVN.M.076.S076 AV0001.WEVN.L.076.S076
Show 77 2/00/1996 Jim Campano Jack Carroll, Star of "the Crescents"
now in advertizing
Frank Spinale
West End Performer - Blues Circuit
New York City Band: "The City Boys"
Doo Wop and Blues
Video: Frank Spinale [aka Paris] performing
in New York City with "The City Boys"
Still: Crescent at Medford High 1958
Video: Interview with Frank [Spinale] Paris
recalling "the Crescents" and "The Wonders"
0:29:57 AV0001.WEVN.D.0077 AV0001.WEVN.M.077.S077 AV0001.WEVN.L.077.S077
Show 78 3/00/1996 Jim Campano The Band of Angels, social club
affilated with the G-Clefs
Richie Nedd and reunion committee
Ilan, President
statement of purpose
Benevolent Activities
Video: old G-Clefs album transferred to CD
G-Clefs performing
Poster: West House 90th Anniversary Dinner
G-Clefs performing
Poster: Band of Angels Reunion
0:29:52 AV0001.WEVN.D.0078 AV0001.WEVN.M.078.S078 AV0001.WEVN.L.078.S078
Show 79 4/00/1996 Jim Campano Introduces videos and advertizes
West End House 90th Anniveersary
and West End "Brick" Fund
Video sample of oral history tapes
Leonard Nimoy, Hy Rosenberg, Nellie Jackman
"West End Mystery" - The Last Tenement
Joe Lo Piccolo and Jim Campano
from TV show "Chronicle" - Historic Preservation
Lowell Square Lawsuit
Mary Lou Crane, N. E. Rep. HUD
Why does the Last Tenement survive? Museum?
Video: Joe Sicari honored, Diane Modica
and many others
0:31:15 AV0001.WEVN.D.0079 AV0001.WEVN.M.079.S079 AV0001.WEVN.L.079.S079
Show 81 5/00/1996 Jim Campano Richie Morello, Board of Directors
Ellen O'Brien, President of the Board
Joan Colbert, Ticket Chair for Events
Ray Harris, Alumni Member
Richie Papa, Board Member
100th Anniversary, Eliz. Peabody House
Past Events and Upcoming Events
Camp Gannet, Sharon, Massachusetts
Elderly Day from Amy Lowell/Blackstone
Harbor Cruise, Gala Dinner Dance
Still: Poster Centennial Harbor Cruise 0:31:20 AV0001.WEVN.D.0081 AV0001.WEVN.M.081.S081 AV0001.WEVN.L.081.S081
Show 82 6/00/1996 Jim Campano Highliight : The West Ender
Past and Future events in the West End
West End Historical Association
3 Videos: City Hall Boston: Diane Modica
representing the West Enders - Lowell Square
Lowell Square demonstration against City
West Enders want "right to go back"
Still: Poster - West End House 90th Anniversary
Hebert Gans: The Urban Village
interviewed by Joe Lo Piccolo [Show 48]
0:31:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0082 AV0001.WEVN.M.082.S082 AV0001.WEVN.L.082.S082
Show 83 8/00/1996 Jim Campano Attorney Chester Darling
Representing Old West End Housing Corp
Represent West Enders in Lowell Sq.Case
South Boston Parade Case
Viable Rights of West Enders
From Trial Court to Supreme Court, Anatomy of
A Free Speech Case,
Walkowski & Connolly
0:29:32 AV0001.WEVN.D.0083 AV0001.WEVN.M.083.S083 AV0001.WEVN.L.083.S083
Show 84 9/00/1996 Jim Campano Richie Settipane
Insurance Profressional
Public Service Announcements
West End House - Eliz. Peabody House
West End Suit for Equality
Strength of the West End
Disappointment with Mayor Menino
Campano family Wedding
Donation to Legal Fund for West End
Old Time Politics
Graphhic: West End Hosue 90th Anniversary
Newsletter: "We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight"
Video: Campano daughter wedding
0:29:40 AV0001.WEVN.D.0084 AV0001.WEVN.M.084.S084 AV0001.WEVN.L.084.S084
Show 85 10/2/1996 Jim Campano Diane Modica, Boston City Council
District 1
Public Thanks and Appreciation for Help
Diane Modica - Political Career
Jin Campano and Joe Lo Piccolo and the
Lowell Square Project - Jim Kelly
Class Action Suit - City Council Role
B.R.A. Tenant Selection Plan
Video: "Five on Five" on the West End
Suit for Equality - Channel 5 Debate
Video: Editorial - Marjorie Arons-Barron
with clips from "Lpst Neighborhood'
Suit for Equality
Video: Channel 56 - West Enders in Court
Jim Campano and Jope Lo Piccolo
0:28:40 AV0001.WEVN.D.0085 AV0001.WEVN.M.085.S085 AV0001.WEVN.L.085.S085
Show 86 11/00/1996 Jim Campano Paul Barret - Former Boston Redevelopment
Authority Official
Show 87 12/00/1996 Jim Campano Sabino "Sonny" Cataldo
West Ender
Candidate 38th District - Medford
Poplar Street Neighborhood
West End House
Video: West Enders at a Reunion Reception
after the St Joseph's West End Mass
0:29:36 AV0001.WEVN.D.0087 AV0001.WEVN.M.087.S087 AV0001.WEVN.L.087.S087
Show 88 1/2/1997 Jim Campano Charlotte Ploss, Former West Ender
Social Activiist - Mission Hill
Memories of Leaving West End
Opposition to Mindless Progress
Depression from Displacement
Fight versus Mission Hill Power Plant
Calendars donated to West Ender
Video: The West End: Neighborhood Life in
Old Boston
- Film Documentary
Narrated by Charlotte Ploss
Still:4 Calendars from Christo's Market - 1954
0:30:10 AV0001.WEVN.D.0088 AV0001.WEVN.M.088.S088 MISSING
Show 89 2/00/1997 Jim Campano Anna Kay Stevenson Grant
Keith Ross
Rebroadcast of Show 21
Black History Month
Press Release: Appeal to Circuit Court
See Show 21 0:30:05 AV0001.WEVN.D.0089 AV0001.WEVN.M.089.S089 AV0001.WEVN.L.089.S089
Show 90 3/00/1997 Jim Campano Rick Solanno - Educator and Author MISSING MISSING MISSING MISSING AV0001.WEVN.M.090.S090 MISSING
Show 91 4/00/1997 Jim Campano Bill Margolin, Executive Director
Mike Bourg, Program Director
West End House Boys' and Girls' Club MISSING MISSING MISSING AV0001.WEVN.M.091.S091 MISSING
Show 92 6/00/1997 Jim Campano Al Lupo - Boston Globe Columnist
Boston Globe City Weekly
Early Video Newsletter shows
Politics in the Old West End
Role of Police then and now
Video: clip from Show 2 0:30:10 AV0001.WEVN.D.0092 AV0001.WEVN.M.092.S092 AV0001.WEVN.L.092.S092
Show 93 7/00/1997 Jim Campano Jim introduces documentary from 1962
Urban Renewal and Eminent Domain
Boston College Conference on the
"New Boston" - insider Projects?
Video: The Lost Neighborhood 0:29:25 AV0001.WEVN.D.0093 AV0001.WEVN.M.093.S093 AV0001.WEVN.L.093.S093
Show 94 8/00/1997 Jim Campano Pat Fiorello, Former West Ender
Empty Chairs : Bob Keane and
Father Michael Grodin,
Lowell Square Association
Lowell Square Association
West End Place
Personal Experiences with
Removal and Attempt to Return
High Cost of the "Affordable Apartment"
Price and Place is a Disgrace
Jim Campano's Struggle to Return
Accusations against Keane and Grodin
Still: Deed from 63 Auburn St.
Still: Plan West End Place 218
Video: Boston Neighborhood Network News
Lowell Square Project Tension - Jim Campano
0:29:51 AV0001.WEVN.D.0094 AV0001.WEVN.M.094.S094 AV0001.WEVN.L.094.S094
Show 95 9/3/1997 Jim Campano Larry Rosenblum, Chairperson
Tommye K. Mayer, Press Relations
"INTERCAC": Interneighborhood
Central Artery Project
Boston Central Artery Construction
Construction Impacts on Neighborhoods
Mitigation Efforts vs Negative Impacts
Opens with clip of Lost Neighborhood" 0:30:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0095 AV0001.WEVN.M.095.S095 AV0001.WEVN.L.095.S095
Show 96 10/1/1997 Jim Campano Diane Modica - Boston City Council
District 1
Lowell Square - West End Place
Jim Campano recognizes Diane for
support of the West Enders
Fair Housing Laws and Diversity
Current Boston Politics
Big Dig neighborhood Business Issues
0:30:24 AV0001.WEVN.D.0096 MISSING AV0001.WEVN.L.096.S096
Show 97 11/00/1997 Jim Campano Frank Lavine, Former West Ender
Crew Member - Exodus 1947
Frank Lavine's role in Exodus 1947
Book: Exodus 1947 - David C. Holly
Video: Film Documentary Jewish Refugees on a
a Chesapeake Bay Steamer - Exodus 1947
"The Ship That Launched A Nation"
0:28:56 AV0001.WEVN.D.0097 AV0001.WEVN.M.097.S097 AV0001.WEVN.L.097.S097
Show 98 12/00/1997 Jim Campano Ray Flynn - Former Mayor of Boston
Former Ambassador to the Vatican
West End Debt of Gratitude
Ray Flynn Racalls Interactions with
West Enders as a Basketball Player
Review of Flynn Mayoralty
Homage to Ray Flynn
0:29:45 AV0001.WEVN.D.0098 AV0001.WEVN.M.098.S098 AV0001.WEVN.L.098.S098
Show 99 1/00/1998 Jim Campano John O'Connor
Leader: Drive to Stop Electric Deregulation
Committee for Fair Electric Rates
Electric Deregulation
Petition Referendum Drive
0:30:02 AV0001.WEVN.D.0099 AV0001.WEVN.M.099.S099 AV0001.WEVN.L.099.S099
Show 100 2/2/1998 Jim Campano Shannon O'Brien, Candidate State Treasurer
Vincent "Sonny" LoPresti
Celebration of the 100th Show
Sonny Lopresti - the first guest
current politics and local aid
"Kitchen Table Political Issues"
0:29:50 AV0001.WEVN.D.0100 AV0001.WEVN.M.100.S100 The rest of this collection is still
at the West End Library
Show 101 3/00/1998 Jim Campano Jim Campano introduces video
from Bostonian Society Lecture in
connection with The Last Tenement
Video: Bostonian Society Lecture
Jane Holtz Kay, author Lost Boston
introduces Prof. Herbert Gans
author: Urban Villages (20 min. excerpt)
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0101 AV0001.WEVN.M.101.S101
Show 102 4/1/1998 Jim Campano Micahel Kane - Director, Mass. Alliance
of H.U. D. Tenants
Ray Pierce - Amy Lowell House Tenant
Committee to Save Amy Lowell House
Expiring Low Income Housing
Amy Lowell House as a template for USA
0:31:15 AV0001.WEVN.D.0102 AV0001.WEVN.M.102.S102
Show 103 5/00/1998 Jim Campano Bill Margolin, Executive Director
Mike Bourg, Camp - Program Director
West End House Boys' and Girls' Club
Harvard Interns - City Year
Commonwealth Housing
Video: Nancy Esslinger - Project for a Documentary
on West End House - Overview of Programs
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0103 AV0001.WEVN.M.103.S103
Show 104 6/00/1998 Jim Campano Tim Flaherty - Candidate for
Middlesex County District Attorney
Supporting Candidates Who Support
West End Causes
Video: Elizabeth Peabody House Theater Coop 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0104 AV0001.WEVN.M.104.S104
Show 105 7/00/1998 Jim Campano Vincent "Sonny" Lopresti - Candidate
Governor's Council - Former West Ender
Supporting Candidates Who Support
West End Causes
Dean Wallace: Editorial Humor
Jim Campano's article on his late brother
Still: Editorial Humor Front Page 0:29:50 AV0001.WEVN.D.0105 AV0001.WEVN.M.105.S105
Show 106 7/29/1998 Jim Campano Ray Flynn, Former Mayor of Boston
Former Ambassador to the Vatican
Candidate for 8th Cong. District
Current Politics 0:29:58 AV0001.WEVN.D.0106 AV0001.WEVN.M.106.S106
Show 107 9/2/1998 Jim Campano Ed Kelley, Associate Director
Campaign for Fair Electric Rates
Mary Lampert, Director
Mass. Citizens for Safe Energy
Appeal for West Ender Funds
Electric Deregulation
Vote No on Referendum question 4
0:29:58 AV0001.WEVN.D.0107 AV0001.WEVN.M.107.S107
Show 108 10/7/1998 Jim Campano Shannon O'Brien, Candidate for
State Treasurer
Vincent "Sonny" Lopresti
Somerville Alderman, Former Gov. Council
Current and Past Economics
0:29:40 AV0001.WEVN.D.0108 AV0001.WEVN.M.108.S108
Show 109 11/00/1998 Jim Campano Frank "Mousey" Rothwell
Vincent "Sonny" Lopresti
Somerville Alderman, Former Gov. Council
Roots in the Old West End
Joe Lee and Charles River Boating
Video: West End Mass at St. Joseph's Church 0:30:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0109 AV0001.WEVN.M.109.S109
Show 110 12/2/1998 Jim Campano Jim Campano introduces the video
of the first West End Reunion, Nov 15, 1986
Wonderland Ballroom
"A Magical Night" Video: First West End Reunion, 11/15/1986 0:29:58 AV0001.WEVN.D.0110 AV0001.WEVN.M.110.S110
Show 111 1/6/1999 Jim Campano Frank Privitera, Jr, Attorney
Phillip Privitera, Attorney
Lowell Square-West End Place Litigation Video Clip from Show 94 0:28:53 AV0001.WEVN.D.0111 AV0001.WEVN.M.111.S111
Show 112 2/00/1999 Jim Campano Richie Nedd, West Ender
West Ender Article
Rickie Johnson, West Ender
Black History in the West End
"A Black Man's View of the West End"
0:30:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0112 AV0001.WEVN.M.112.S112
Show 113 3/3/1999 Jim Campano Bill Marchione, Author and Historian
Member Of Landmarks Commission
Pres. Brighton/Alston Historical Society
A Proud Tradition: the Italian-Americans
of Greater Boston
The Charles River Transformed
Influence of Italy on Boston Still Images for Book on Italian Americans 0:30:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0113 AV0001.WEVN.M.113.S113
Show 114 4/7/1999 Jim Campano Picketing at West End place
Attempt to Rewrite History
Broken Promises
Father Grodin, Bob Keene
The Fight for the West End Museum
Stills: Picketing Placards - West Emd Place
Still: Archidiocese ordered to pay 3.4 M damages
Video: Walter Pirro interviewing Picketers
Video: Mayor Menino at groundbreakins
0:28:02 AV0001.WEVN.D.0114 AV0001.WEVN.M.114.S114
Show 115 5/5/1999 Jim Campano Bill Margolin, Executive Director West End House Boys' and Girls' Club
Current Activities for adults and kids
Updating the camp scene
Video: West End House Activities
Documentary by Nancy Eslinger [see show 103]
Video: West End House Camp by Howard Green
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0115 AV0001.WEVN.M.115.S115
Show 116 6/2/1999 Jim Campano Pat Fiorello, Videographer, West Ender Lowell Square Project and Archdiocese
West End American-Italian Club
Struggle to set up West End Museum
Politicians and Campaigning
Video Clips: 1950's cars, Weddings Billy Venezia
Photograph: 1923 in front of Washignton High
Video; West End Place as built
Golden Memories, Pat Fiorello cable show
Successful Somerville Woman Political Candidate
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0116 AV0001.WEVN.M.116.S116
Show 117 7/5/1999 Jim Campano Frank Privitera, Jr, Attorney
Phillip Privitera, Attorney
Lowell Square-West End Place Litigation
Update - "Our Cause is Just!"
Struggle for affordable apartments
Struggle for the West End Museum
Voiceover from Richard Morello
Video: West End Place as built
Video:Front and Plans indicating space sought
for West End Museum
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0117 AV0001.WEVN.M.117.S119
Show 118 8/00/1999 Jim Campano Jim Campano introduces
The Lost Neigborhood - ABC Documentary
Obituary of Kane Simonian, former head
of the Boston Housing Authority
"We were afraid that the West End
would become a black Neighborhood."
"Paying the Price of Racism"
Still of Obituary
The Lost Neigborhood - ABC Documentary - 1962
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0118 AV0001.WEVN.M.118.S118
Show 121 11/00/1999 Jim Campano David Kruh, Author
Always Something Doing in Scollay Square
Re-release of the Book in New Edition
Burlesque, Old Howard, Crawford House
Sally Keith, Playing Hooky
West End Project Vs. Big Dig
Stills from Book 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0121 AV0001.WEVN.M.121.S121
Show 122 12/1/1999 Jim Campano Santo "Joe" Aurelio MISSING MISSING 0:30:00 MISSING MISSING
Show 123 1/5/2000 Jim Campano Bill Marchione MISSING MISSING 0:30:00 MISSING MISSING
Show 124 2/2/2000 Jim Campano MISSING MISSING Video: 1995 - Attorney Chester Hartman 0:29:29 MISSING MISSING
Show 125 3/1/2000 Jim Campano Vincent Migliore
Vincent "Sonny' Lopresti
Show 126 4/6/2000 Jim Campano Siria Viaquez MISSING MISSING 0:29:52 MISSING MISSING
Show 127 5/3/2000 Jim Campano Wig Zamore, Real Estate Consultant
Dan Delisi, M.A. MIT in Urban Planning
Urban Development and Planning
Ed Logue involvement in West End
Planning: Mystic View, Somerville
Book: The Land That Could Be, Wm. Shutkin
Video: Riverside Square, Mystic View
Ann Tate pamphlet: new urbanism
West Harlem pamphlet on uban design
with contrasting plans on West Manhattan
Video: development in Somerville
0:30:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0127 AV0001.WEVN.M.127.S127
Show 128 6/7/2000 Jim Campano Joseph Fortunato, Director
West End Video Newsetter
History of WEVN
Evolution of the Video Newsletter
Previous directors and staff
Video Cutaways from many previous shows
Middlesex Update: Melissa Hurley
Dave Kruh, Ray Flynn, West End Place
Ted Kennedy, Bill Weld, Mayor Menino
West End Reunions
0:29:45 AV0001.WEVN.D.0128 AV0001.WEVN.M.127.S128
Show 129 7/00/2000 Jim Campano Paul Donato,Candidate:State Representative
President: Medford City Council
Community relations Video:Medford 2000 Parade 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0129 AV0001.WEVN.M.127.S129
Show 130 8/00/2000 Jim Campano John O'Connor, Community Activist
against Energy Deregulation
Deregulation and Rising Costs 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0130 AV0001.WEVN.M.130.S130
Show 131 9/00/2000 Jim Campano Saint Joseph's Church Parishioners
Father Gabriel Troy, New Pastor
Thomas Simmons, Anne Lazzaro
Ray LaPointe, Vinny Razzo
Saint Joseph's Church and Old West End
Old West Ender Reunions
Video: Saint Joseph's Church
Commemorative Flags
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0131 AV0001.WEVN.M.130.S131
Show 132 10/4/2000 Jim Campano Ellen O'Brien, President of the Board Elizabeth Peabody House,
Settlement House - Somerville
Memories of the Original Building
Theater, Current Programs
Stllls: Jim Campano Reunion at Camp Gannett
Children at Camp Gannett
0:28:52 AV0001.WEVN.D.0132 AV0001.WEVN.M.130.S132
Show 133 10/29/2000 Jim Campano *Opening Footage from Show 144 St. Joseph's Mass for West Enders Video St. Joseph's Mass 9/29/00
Jim Campano interviews Richie Papa,
Tom Simmons, Father Troy, Frank Privitera
Arthur Vendetti, Elaine Rothewell
Irene Magliano, Jerry Razzo, Pauline Boniani
Lucille Bordinaro, Marie Walsh
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0133 AV0001.WEVN.M.130.S133
Show 134 11/00/2000 Jim Campano Melissa Hurley, Interviewer:
Middlesex Update
Middlesex Update Video: Jim Campano on the Old West End 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0134 AV0001.WEVN.M.134.S134
Show 135 12/00/2000 Jim Campano Frank Lavine, Frank Rothwell,
Arthur Vendetti
Jim Campano's 60th Birthday 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0135 AV0001.WEVN.M.134.S135
Show 136 1/00/2001 Jim Campano Brenner Club from West End House
Ben Brenner, Luco LaCambria,
Larry Goodman
Brenner Club, The Redwings
The Brenner Association
Stills: Old West End House Brener Club Team
Still: Ben Brenner Wedding 1958 with Club
Anniversary Cruise to Bermuda with Club
0:28:56 AV0001.WEVN.D.0136 AV0001.WEVN.M.134.S136
Show 137 2/00/2001 Jim Campano Al Lupo, City Weekly Columnist
Boston Globe
Book:The Messiah Comes Tomorrow
collected columns on "Working Stiff Jews"
Stlls from Book 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0137 AV0001.WEVN.M.134.S137
Show 138 4/00/2001 Jim Campano Coalition for Community Control
seeking neighborhood councils to give
imput in development
Video: Standing Our Ground - 1992
West End,Storrow Drive, East Boston, Fenway etc.
St Germain St., South End, Tent City,
AV0001.WEVN.D.0138 AV0001.WEVN.M.138.S138
Show 139 5/2/2001 Jim Campano Andrea Howard, Executive Director West End House Boys' and Girls' Club
Programs for kids 6-18
Stills: Basketball team
Games and computers
West End House Camp
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0139 AV0001.WEVN.M.138.S139
Show 140 6/00/2001 Jim Campano Peter Limone, Former West Ender
judged innocent after 33 years in prison
Attorney John Cavicchi
FBI informant - Joe Barboza
Joe "The Horse" Salvati
FBI Scandal bias against Italians
Stills: West Ender, Boston Globe, Metro
Boston Herald
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0140 AV0001.WEVN.M.138.S140
Show 141 7/00/2001 Jim Campano Ray Flynn, Former Mayor of Boston
Former Ambassado to the Vatican
Author: John Paul II, A Personal Portrait
Novel: The Accidental Pope
cowriter- Robin Moore
Current Politics - West End Museum vs
Mayor Menino
Still: Newspaper Clipping:
Archdiocese to pay 3.4m damages
"A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" by J. Campano
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0141 AV0001.WEVN.M.138.S141
Show 142 8/00/2001 Jim Campano
Show 143 9/00/2001 Jim Campano Attorney Frank Privitera, Sr. Taped at Office in Somerville
Tradition- Large Parties/Family Functions
at the Park Plaza Hotel
Video Footage: 40th anniversary
with Don Rickles and Tony Orlando
Soprano Mary Mancini with Frank Sporto
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0142 AV0001.WEVN.M.142.S142
Show 144 10/00/2001 Jim Campano St. Joseph's West End Mass 2001 Camera Problems - no tape Video insert of Show 134 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0144 AV0001.WEVN.M.144.S144
Show 145 11/00/2001 Jim Campano Ed Insogna - Joe & Nemo's restaurant
David Kruh - Author
Scollay Square - Joe & Nemo's 0:30:15 AV0001.WEVN.D.0145 AV0001.WEVN.M.144.S145
Show 146 12/5/2001 Jim Campano Tribute to John O'Connor [1954-2001] Video inserts: shows with Jon O'Connor
from Shows 99, 130, 143
0:29:19 AV0001.WEVN.D.0146 AV0001.WEVN.M.144.S146
Show 147 1/2/2002 Jim Campano Theresa Imbornone, Vice President
Anne Marie Carpenter, Exec. Director
Carolyn Canina, Director Child Services
Elizabeth Peabody House
West End and Somerville
Programs and Activities
Camp Gannett
0:28:58 AV0001.WEVN.D.0147 AV0001.WEVN.M.142.S147
Show 148 2/6/2002 Jim Campano Dean Wallace, Publisher
Editorial Humor
Still: Editorial Humor 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0148 MISSING
Show 149 3/6/2002 Eminent Domain and Urban Renewal
Meeting in Washington, DC
The Castle Coalition
Citizens Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse
Institute for Justice
Still: Government Theft: The Top 10 Abuses of
Eminent Domain: 1998-2002

Video: Jim Campano with MIT Students
Class on the West End: Lost Neighborhood
0:29:02 AV0001.WEVN.D.0149 AV0001.WEVN.M.144.S149
Show 150 4/3/2002 Jim Campano Paul Felker, Candidate
State Representative for Allston/Brighton
Current Issues
Housing, Health care, A Fair Economy
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0150 AV0001.WEVN.M.150.S150
Show 151 5/00/2002 Jim Campano Anthony Caluccio, Attorney
Former Mayor of Cambridge
Candidate, State Senate
Current Politics 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0151 AV0001.WEVN.M.150.S151
Show 152 6/5/2002 Jim Campano Andrea Howard, Executive Director West End House Boys' and Girls' Club
New Programs in New Space
Stills: New Added Space and Renovated Bldg.
West End House Camp
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0152 AV0001.WEVN.M.150.S152
Show 153 6/19/2002 Jim Campano Peter Limone, Former West Ender
Attorney John Cavacicchi
Life after release from prison
Fbi involvement with Whitey Bulger
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0153 AV0001.WEVN.M.150.S153
Show 154 8/27/2002 Jim Campano Tom Simmons, President Parish Council
St. Joseph's Chruch West End
Saint Joseph's Church
History, Activities, West End Mass
Stills: Saint Joseph's Church
Video: clips from previous masses/reunions
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0154 AV0001.WEVN.M.154.S154
Show 155 9/00/2002 Jim Campano Tony Dimarco, 1954 Welterweight Champ Resident West End Place
Boxing in 1940-50's Boston
New Garden Gym, Friend St.
Still:Perry Como and Tony Dimarco
Rocky Marciano - 1954
Badsilio vs. Dimarco
Italo-American Prize fighters
Caricature; "The Pride of the North End"
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0155 AV0001.WEVN.M.155.S155
Show 156 10/00/2002 Jim Campano Ed Flynn, Son of Former Mayor Ray Flynn
Office of Public Safety
College Thesis: The West End
An Honorary West Ender
0:29:20 AV0001.WEVN.D.0156 AV0001.WEVN.M.155.S156
Show 157 11/6/2002 Jim Campano Weddings: The Next Generation Videos: Allison Rothwell, daughter Frank Rothwell
Jeanine Privitera, daughter Frank Privitera
Paul Anka sings at Privitera Wedding
0:29:16 AV0001.WEVN.D.0157 AV0001.WEVN.M.155.S157
Show 158 12/4/2002 MISSING MISSING MISSING Clips from Past Shows MISSING AV0001.WEVN.D.0158 AV0001.WEVN.M.155.S158
Show 159 1/00/2003 Jim Campano The West End Reunion - 11/02
Anthony's In Somerville, 175 people
The Crescents - Frankie {Spinale} Paris
Video: The West End Reunion 2002
featuring "The Crescents"
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0159 AV0001.WEVN.M.154.S159
Show 160 2/5/2003 Jim Campano Announcing The West End Museum
History of the Museum's Creation
The Battle over West End Place
and the West End Museum
Video: West End Place - Museum Space
Video: Bostonian Society Exhibit from Show 48
with Joe LoPicollo, West Enders, Herb Gans
Video: the Groundbreking - West End Place
Video: Picketing at West End Place, Frank Lavine
Video: - Chronicle - West End Place Settlement
0:29:15 AV0001.WEVN.D.0160 AV0001.WEVN.M.154.S160
Show 161 3/5/2003 Jim Campano Paul Joltki
Frank "Mousey" Rothwell
Arthur Vendetti
Giving Credit to West Ender Regulars
Vounteers for Picketing
Still: Father Grodin from newspaper clipping
Still: Obituary of Kane Simonian
Picture: Mayhew School - Stanford White Architect
Video clip: Volunteers Picketing at West End Place
0:29:15 AV0001.WEVN.D.0161 AV0001.WEVN.M.154.S161
Show 162 4/2/2003 Jim Campano Santo "Joe" Aurelio, Author, West Ender
Former Court Recorder
How to Say it and Write it Correctly NOW
English expression, grammar, punctuation
Still: West Ender Column: "Old West End Memories" 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0162 AV0001.WEVN.M.162.S162
Show 163 5/7/2003 Jim Campano Kristen Morlock, Assoc. Director Development West End House Boys' and Girls' Club
Activities and Programs
New Building
Stills: Current Kids at West End House
West End House Camp & Alumni Week
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0163 AV0001.WEVN.M.162.S163
Show 164 6/00/2003 Jim Campano Critique of Father Michael Grodin
Exec. Director of the Planning Office for
Urban Affairs under Cardinal Law
Groden and West End Place
St Aidan's Brookline
Jim Campano, Letter to Pope John Paul II
Video: West End Place Exterior
Father Grodin at Groundbreaking
Still; News Clipping "Priest Resigns"
Video Clips: Groundbreaking, Picketing
Still: Groden and Cardinal Law, Boston Globe
Still: Letter to Pope
Still: Wall st. Journal article on Jim Campano
Still: Dorchester AIDS House Scandal
Still: clipping Jim Campano refuses to let go
Still: Clipping - Picketing
Still: Ousted Pastor Urges Social Programs"
Still: Divine Retribution -Pastor guilty 3.4M Fraud
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0164 AV0001.WEVN.M.162.S164
Show 165 7/2/2003 Jim Campano Shirley Kressel, Urban Designer Current Urban Planning in Boston
B.R.A. Problems
China Town, South End, New York Sts.
Still: Glass Slipper vs. Footprint of Planned
Building: Eminent Domain Issues
Still: Mayhew School, architect Stanford White
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0165 AV0001.WEVN.M.162.S165
Show 166 7/29/2003
[Aug. Show]
Jim Campano Atty. Frank Privitera, Honored by
Republic of Italy for philanthropy
Still: Article onFrank Privitera's honor
Video: West Enders and Family attending
the Celebration at Fillipo's Restauraunt
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0166 AV0001.WEVN.M.166.S166
Show 167 9/00/2003 Jim Campano Joe Lee and West End Boating
Community Boating
Video: Community Boating: The Early Years
Joe Lee, Capt. Matty Hughes, John Sanfilippo
Franbk Lavine, Tim Mahoney, Arhurt Spiro-Athanas
Silent Video: Comminity Boating Opening Day 1941
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0167 AV0001.WEVN.M.166.S167
Show 168 10/1/2003 Jim Campano Tom Simmons, Parish Council Saint Joseph's Church, West End
Church Pageantry
Video: Saint Joseph's Exterior
Saint's Day Procession
Videos: West Enbd Massess
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0168 AV0001.WEVN.M.166.S168
Show 169 11/5/2003 Jim Campano Kevin McNamara- Hawthorne Place Trustee
Alex Trombetta - Whittier Place Trustee
Residents' Concerns - Charles River Park
Residents values vs. Developer Plans
Still: Charles River park 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0169 AV0001.WEVN.M.166.S169
Show 170 12/3/2003 Jim Campano Paul Joltki
Arthur Vendetti
The New West End Museum
Fund Raising for a New Resource
Video: West End Museum exterior interior
artifacts, photos, plastic hampers full of papers
Video: roughed out interior West End Museum
Tony Oddo - Old Horse Trough from Canal St.
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0170 AV0001.WEVN.M.170.S170
Show 171 1/7/2004 Jim Campano Ray Flynn, Former Mayor of Boston
Former Ambassador to the Vatican
Honorary West Ender
Diversity in the West End
Catholic Parish Consolidation
Declining Congregations
The New West End Museum
Still: West Ender: It's here - The West End Museum
Still: Obituary: Mervin D. Rico Warren -West Ender
Video: St Joseph's & Father Troy: West End Mass
Still: frank Privitera and Jim Campano
Still: News -"Dems Ignore Catholics"
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0171 AV0001.WEVN.M.170.S171
Show 172 2/00/2004 Jim Campano Jim introduces Melissa Hurley in video Middlesex Update with Jim Campano Video rerun of Middlesex Update
includes still: Joe & Nemo's
clip from Lost Neighborhood
Still: West Ender: It's here - The West End Museum
West Ender pages; Lowell Sq. Groundbreaking
0:29:31 AV0001.WEVN.D.0172 AV0001.WEVN.M.172.S172
Show 173 3/00/2004 Jim Campano Arthur Vendetti, West Ender & Artist
Board Member West End Museum
Preview: Old West End Celbration 4/15/04
at West End Public Library
Examples of Vendetti Paintings
Clips: West Church, Charles River Park
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0173 AV0001.WEVN.M.173.S173
Show 174 4/00/2004 Jim Campano Santo "Joe" Aurelio, Author
Former Court Recorder
Publications: book on Grammar
Serialized thesis on the Old West End
in the West Ender
Donations to the West End Museum
Stills: Aurelio family photos 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0174 AV0001.WEVN.M.173.S174
Show 175 5/00/2004 Jim Campano Andrea Howard, Executive Director West End House Boys' and Girls' Club
Programs and Activities
Stills: Current Activities
Three Living Past Presidents
George Kane, Joel Goober, Henry Barr
Video: The Heart of the West End House
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0175 AV0001.WEVN.M.173.S175
Show 176 6/00/2004 Jim Campano Jim Noe, Veteran 3rd Infantry, Korean War West End Veterans
Joe Annello Korean POW
Still: Joe Anello, Jim Noe at Korean Vets Memorial
in Charlestown
Video: Joe Annello interviewed in Colorado
Still: Jim Noe Manning Post, 50c. Machine Gun
Commemorative Service Award
Still: Banner PFC Frank Campano killed in Action '44
Jim Noe's Medals & Badges
Korean War Memorial, Washington, DC
Jim Noe in Jeep with M-1
0:29:02 AV0001.WEVN.D.0176 AV0001.WEVN.M.173.S176
Show 177 7/7/2004 Jim Campano Tom MacDonald, Pastoral Adminstrator
St. Catherine's of Siena, Charlestown
Catholic Church Closings
effects on neighborhoods/communities
Social Prograsms
Dissension among Parishioners
Video: Interior of St. Cahterine's
Food Pantry
Sacred Heart Church, Medford
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0177 AV0001.WEVN.M.177.S177
Show 178 8/00/2004 Jim Campano Tom Simmons, Parish Council Saint Joseph's Church
West End Mass Announcement
History of Church and Building
Alexander Parris
Video: Exterior of Saint Joesph'sChurch
Clip: Mass at Saint Joseph's
Still: West Ender: It's here - The West End Museum
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0178 AV0001.WEVN.M.177.S178
Show 179 9/00/2004 Jim Campano Prof. William Corcoran, Univ. Nebraska Omaha Website on the West End
Still: West End Public Library
Video clip: Community Boating
Still: Aerial View of Old West End
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0179 AV0001.WEVN.M.177.S179
Show 180 10/00/2004 Jim Campano Ed Flynn, South Boston Friend Interneighberhood relations Video: West End Mass 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0180 AV0001.WEVN.M.177.S180
Show 181 11/3/2004 Jim Campano Frank Consolo Fish Market on Green Street
Memories of Old West End
"Gather Our Stories"
Tales of the Urban Village
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0181 AV0001.WEVN.M.181.S181
Show 182 12/9/2004 Jim Campano Shirley Kessell, Urban Designer BRA Redevelopment Districts - extensions
Developer Agency or City Agency
Still: Kensington Place - Old Gaiety Theater
Lost Neighborhood
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0182 AV0001.WEVN.M.181.S182
Show 183 1/3/2005 Jim Campano John Christoforo, Writer, Teacher
Boston Post-Gazette
Cultures:North End, West End, East Boston
Ghost writing for Tony DiMarco
Still: Tony DiMarco Caricature and Boxing
Video clip: Tony DiMarco
Still:Nanna & Babbonanno artcile
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0183 AV0001.WEVN.M.181.S183
Show 184 2/23/2005 Jim Campano Santo "Joe" Aurelio, Author
Former Court Recorder
New Edition of his Book
How to say it and write it correctly NOW
Writing for understanding
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0184 AV0001.WEVN.M.181.S184
Show 185 3/2/2005 Jim Campano Supreme Court case on Eminent Domain
Mayor Menino taking land at Dudley Sq.
Campano Lerter to Boston Herald
B.R.A. Issues - Planning & Development
Rerun of Shirley Kressell, show 165 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0185 AV0001.WEVN.M.185.S185
Show 186 4/6/2005 Jim Campano West End Veterans
Lost Plaques and Remembrances
Old Squares in the West End
"Pool of Heroes" in Charles River Park
Still: Sgt. Louis Klaman Square
"A Sign of the Times"
Campano letter to Boston Globe
List of Squares in the West End from website
Charles River Park
Rerun of Jim Noe/Joe Annello for Show 176
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0186 AV0001.WEVN.M.185.S186
Show 187 5/11/2005 Jim Campano Tom Materazzo, Vet Services Commissioner
Jim No, West Ender - Korean War Vet
Ralph Silvestro, West Ender - Korean War Vet
West End Veterans Continued
Mayor says he will restore signs
Still: Sgt. Louis Klaman Square
"A Sign of the Times"
still: Jim Noe in Korea
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0187 AV0001.WEVN.M.185.S187
Show 188 6/1/2005 Jim Campano Ray Flynn, Former Mayor of Boston
Former Ambassador to the Vatican
Memories of the funeral of John Paul II
Heroes Squares in the West End
Neighborhoods and Working People
"A Sign of the Times"
Clip: "Will Court Curb Eminent Domain"
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0188 AV0001.WEVN.M.185.S188
Show 189 7/00/2005 Jim Campano Eminent Domain - Supreme Court
Jim Introduces Lost Neighborhood
Lost Neighborhood 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0189 AV0001.WEVN.M.189.S189
Show 190 8/00/2005 Jim Campano Richie Nedd, Rick Johnson Black Community in the West End
Afro-American West Enders
Collection of Photos of Black West Enders
Stllls: Paul Ross, Wesley "Pineapple" Stevenson
Stevenson Family, Edie Ross
Lillian, Jean and Rudy form Spring St.
Elizabeth & Sonny Moore, Gertrude & Winnie
Buster Crawford & family, Esther, Sonny Chandler
Lester Chandler;Wayne, Marsha, Ellie, Denise,
Brenda & Buddy Mahon, Blanche Singleton
Charile De Rosa, Emiline, Gladys De Rosa
Storm family Bowdoin St., Ron & Ken Nedd
and others
0:29:00 90AV0001.WEVN.D.0190 MISSING
Show 191 9/00/2005 Jim Campano Ray Flynn, Former Mayor of Boston
Former Ambassador to the Vatican
Neighborhoods, Politics Now and Then 0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0191 MISSING
Show 192 10/00/2005 Jim Campano West End Veterans Continued
October 21, 2005 West End Vets rehonored
Still: Mayor Menino with Memorial Plaque 10/21/05
Still: West End Vets and Dedication
Mayor Menino, Tom Materazzo
"Heroes Memorial"
Rerun of Show 187
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0192 MISSING
Show 193 11/00/2005 Jim Campano Paul Donato, State Representative
Legitimate West End Hero
for support of the West End Museum
Video; Jim Campano at Museum
Still: Veterans' Plaque
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0193 AV0001.WEVN.M.193.S193
Show 194 12/00/2005 Jim Campano Joe Peterkin, Arthur Vendetti
Board Members of the west End Museum
West End Museum - A Work In Progress
Appeal for funds and volunteers
Still: West End Museum - $1500 club
Video Clips: Setting up the West End Museum
Still: Charlesbank Beach 1939
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0194 AV0001.WEVN.M.193.S194
Show 195 1/00/2006 Jim Campano Bill Margolin, Former Executive Director
Joe Goober, Past Pres. Board of Directors
100th Anniversary West End House
Events Planned for the Year
Goals for the Future
Video: Current Activities at the renovated club
Still: Leonard Nimoy Billboard 85th anniversary
Still: Theo Epstein at West End Hosue Camp
Video; West End House Boys' Camp
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0195 MISSING
Show 196 2/00/2006 Jim Campano "The Last Show" - 18 years of Memories Video clips: Al Lupo, Ray Flynn, Paul Donato
John O'Connor, The West End Museum,
Veterans' Memorial Plaque, Picketing West End Place
0:29:00 AV0001.WEVN.D.0196 MISSING