Film: In the Name of the Pope King (In Nome del Papa Re)

In Nome del Papa Re

Wednesday, October 26; 7:00 p.m.

@ The West End Museum.

1977; Drama/History/Romance; Rated R; Italian (English Subtitles); Director: Luigi Magni;
Stars Nino Manfredi, Danilo Mattei, Carmen Scarpitta

It is 1867 in Rome, and General Garibaldi’s rebels are brewing a revolution to overthrow the Pope’s secular authority. Don Colombo (Manfredi), a world-weary judge on the papal court, wants to resign, disgusted by the violence to which the papacy resorts to retain that power. But his resignation is delayed by the news that his one sexual liaison 19 years prior produced a son (Mattei), one of the rebels arrested for a bombing and facing execution. Colombo uses his influence to gain the youth’s release and forcibly holds him; the son wants to face the executioner with his comrades. The plot has many more twists and turns, but the developing relationship of father and son takes center stage with an exploration of the effect the two men—from diametrically opposed political positions—have on one another.

Screening is FREE. (suggested donation $5)

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