Film: Ugly, Dirty and Bad (Brutti, Sporchi e Cattivi)

Brutti, Sporchi e Cattivi

Wednesday, October 12; 7:00 p.m.

@ The West End Museum.

1976; Comedy/Drama; NR; Italian (English Subtitles); Director: Ettore Scola;
Stars Nino Manfredi, Maria Luisa Santella, Francesco Annaballi

This “tragicomic” portrait of a very dysfunctional family revolves around patriarch, Giacinto Mazzatella (Manfredi), who lives with a legion of relatives in a tiny shack on the hills of Rome. When he refuses to share with them any part of the million lire he receives in an insurance payout after losing his eye, and then starts spending it on a mistress, his wife, children and other relatives begin plotting his demise. This gleefully offensive film—a savage, desperate (if often very funny) satire of greed—is brilliantly written and directed. In fact, it earned Ettore Scola a Best Director award 40 years ago at the Cannes Film Festival.

Screening is FREE. (suggested donation $5)

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