Important People

Lawrence Berk (1908 – 1995) founder of Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Hyman Bloom (March 29, 1913 –August 26, 2009) was a painter from the West End whose work was is influenced by his Jewish heritage.

Veda Ann Borg (1915 – 1973) Actress

Charles Bulfinch

Charles Bulfinch

Did you know a twelve year old Charles Bulfinch (August 8, 1763 – April 15, 1844) watched the Battle of Bunker Hill from his Bowdoin Square rooftop located in the West End?

Jerry Colonna (1904 – 1986) Actor and comedian.

Herb Gans (born May 7, 1927) lived in the West End for a short period with an Italian family during Urban Renewal and wrote a book coining the neighborhood “The Urban Village”.

“The West End was not a charming neighborhood of ‘noble peasants’ living in an exotic fashion, resisting the mass-produced homogeneity of American culture and overflowing with a cohesive sense of community,” Gans wrote. “It was a run-down area of people struggling with the problems of low income, poor education and related difficulties. Even so, it was by and large a good place to live.” Herb Gans

Harry “Buddo” Greenberg (1910 – 1997) Original NBA Referee.

Annie “Londonderry” Cohan Kopchovsky (1870 – 1947) First women to ride around the world on a bicycle.

Joseph E Levine (September 9, 1905 – July 31, 1987) was an American film producer from the West End.

Martin Lomasney

Martin Lomasney

Martin Lomasney (December 3, 1859 -August 12, 1933) was best remembered, for being the ward boss of Boston’s Ward Eight which encompassed the West End. He served as State Senator, State Representative, and Alderman while conducting business out of his West End headquarters the Hendricks Club.

Leonard Nimoy with schoolfriends

Leonard Nimoy with schoolfriends

Actor Leonard Nimoy (March 26, 1931-February 27, 2015) who played the role of the Vulcan Spock on Star Trek, grew up in the West End and learned acting at the Elizabeth Peabody House.

Sumner Redstone (May 27, 1923) owner of National Amusements (CBS, MTV, BET, Viacom, Paramount Picture) grew up in the West End.

George Lewis Ruffin (1834 – 1886) First African-American graduate of Harvard Law School and the first black judge in the United States.

Harry J. “Doc” Sagansky (January 6, 1898-January 28, 1997) was a Jewish organized crime figure in the West End of Boston who controlled one of city’s largest bookmaking operations during the 1950s. He is the oldest organized crime figure to serve a federal prison sentence at the age of 91.

West Ender Daniel A. Whelton (January 21, 1872 – November 27, 1953) was the first native-born Irish-Catholic mayor of Boston and remains the youngest person to hold that political office at age 33.