Museum News

  • West End Heritage Nigh West End Heritage Night - As many of you know, the Museum hosts annual events honoring notable West Enders of Irish, Jewish and Italian descent. But that hardly even scratches the surface of the number of ethnic groups that once called our neighborhood home. The Old West End boasted residents from more than 20 different ethnic backgrounds, including African American, […]
  • Joe McDonald Joe McDonald Named West End Museum President - Joe McDonald, a third-generation West End native and longtime community activist, has been named President of The West End Museum Board of Directors.
  • Share Your Story Share Your Story - If you’re an original West Ender who wants to forever preserve your memories of the Old West End, please send an email with the subject line “Share My Story” to
  • The New York Streets: Boston's First Urban Renewal Project The New York Streets: Boston’s First Urban Renewal Project - Now through Fall 2017 @ The West End Museum. Prior to the demolition of Boston’s old West End, another vibrant, multi-ethnic neighborhood of tenement houses and mom-and-pop shops fell victim to so-called ‘urban renewal.’ The New York Streets: Boston’s First Urban Renewal Project is a new exhibit that tells the story of this lost ‘sister’ […]
  • One of Eli Tarlin's West End properties; 15 Poplar Street, Boston Beneath the Wrecking Ball: A West End Landlord - Now through Fall 2017 @ The West End Museum. The West End Museum photography exhibit, Beneath the Wrecking Ball: A West End Landlord, depicts the buildings and architecture of the West End around just prior to demolition under urban renewal and conveys the perspective of a property owner. The free exhibit is open to the […]
  • El_Lechmere: Boston Elevated Railway (BERy) car on the North Station/Lechmere branch c. 1920; courtesy West End Museum From Stagecoach to Subway: The West End Street Railway - Now through Fall 2017. Public transportation has shaped life in Boston and its neighborhoods since the first English settlers arrived in the early 17th century. Its evolution over the course of more than 200 years is a fascinating tale of continuously rising demand, financial and logistical challenges, and technological advancements. A new exhibit at The […]