Samuel Walusimbi: Immigrant Hostel

Immigrant Hostel focuses on Samuel Walusimbi’s architectural work and studies, specifically the architecture of Boston’s Old West End. Mr. Walusimbi’s work demonstrates the strongly bonded relationship between a city’s architecture and its memories.

When the Old West End was torn down due to Urban Renewal, many of the city’s memories were lost, as was the identity of the West End. This new exhibit attempts to depict not only the void and empty characteristic of new West End but also offer potential alternatives to how the current void could be filled with voices and memories from the old West End.

“The aim of the Immigrant Hostel project is really to show how new architecture could actually help to preserve the old architecture and spaces it replaces” says Samuel Walusimbi.

Samuel Walusimbi received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the Wentworth Institute of Technology and later received his Masters of Architecture. He is currently the Editorial Director of .DAT, an online architectural journal that links emerging discourse on architecture, technology and urbanism. His main theoretical interest is the relationship between architecture and the city.

Exhibit and Design copyright Samuel Walusimbi

Walusimbi Intro
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