The Old West End

The West End Museum is a neighborhood museum dedicated to the collection, preservation and interpretation of the history and culture of the West End of Boston.

The history of the West End is one of a largely immigrant neighborhood displaced or destroyed by ‘Urban Renewal‘ in a campaign that saw a third of Boston’s downtown demolished between 1958 and 1960, but it’s also the history of a diverse community that produced several influential people, boasted a unique culture and included many places of historical significance.

Our mission is not only to preserve this history for old West Enders and their families, but to invite members of the wider community to engage with this history, to learn from it and explore the wider culture and meaning of ‘The Greatest Neighborhood This Side of Heaven’.

See a video of former West Ender Judy (Schneider) Flieder describing her ties to the old neighborhood, what The West End Museum means to her family and her hope to reconnect with old friends.

2016 Year-End Appeal

Slowly but surely, the message is getting out that a small museum like ours can make a big difference. But we’ve got a long way to go and we need your support. Every dollar donated goes to the mission, no one is taking a salary, and we keep our expenses to an absolute minimum.

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Exhibition: School Days in the West End

Now through January 2017 Between 1800 and 1975, no fewer than 20 schools called Boston’s West End home. Following urban renewal, the last school in the community—the Peter Faneuil School—closed, and there has not been another public school in the West End or Beacon Hill…

Exhibition: From Stagecoach to Subway: The West End Street Railway

Now through January 2017 Public transportation has shaped life in Boston and its neighborhoods since the first English settlers arrived in the early 17th century. Its evolution over the course of more than 200 years is a fascinating tale of continuously rising demand, financial and…

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Exhibition: The Last Tenement

“The Last Tenement” exhibition, originally set up in 1992 at the Old State House by the Bostonian Society through a grant by the National Endowment for the Humanities and relocated to the West End Museum in 2006, is now permanently housed in its own dedicated…